Chameleon Queen
Chameleon Queen
Chameleon Queen

Chameleon Queen

OM: You’re currently working on a documentary, please tell us about that.

April: I’m currently in production with 3 documentaries. They all have something to do with the paranormal. Two of them will be released in February of 2022 while the third one’s release date is in the spring.

OM: How did you get into the paranormal?

April: Growing up I’ve had countless experiences that have left me baffled. I was really motivated to research more on the topic and came up with a tremendous amount of subtopics that I just delved into.

OM: What’s the name of your production company called?

April: It’s actually not just mine. I’m a co-producer in Parageist Productions Presents and the other people involved have been great mentors for me. They are my mentors, they are my partners.

OM: I understand you were a model/actress. What triggered the career switch?

April: I never considered myself an actress or model. I mean, have I done photoshoots for money? Yes.  Have I acted in commercials? Yes. But I guess the only reason why I ever considered acting and modeling as a career option is because I wanted to learn more about filmmaking, productions, and dp work. Since there aren’t a lot of paying gigs out there for directors etc, I opted for the easier route and did modeling and acting. It’s in the same industry so I thought, “Heck, why not?” But to end up an actress or model, I have reservations about that. I get really really bad anxiety in front of the camera. I literally get panic attacks on set. 

OM: It’s funny how you perceive acting and modeling as easy to come by gigs. There are a lot of people out there struggling to make it and saying “Yes!” to any role. Do you have any advice for these struggling artists?

April: Yeah, don’t be so eager. I understand it’s your passion, but you have to show you have value. I hear about the actors ego ALL THE TIME, but that goes out the window when they haven’t had a decent role in a while or are really desperate for anything. I say put some of that ego into your brand. Put yourself on that pedestal! Productions and directors will see that, and they will see you as a worthy individual. It’s another reason why and how people get type casted. If you don’t like the roles you’re getting, just say “No!”.
I see it all the time, people post a casting and people are so quick to say “Me! Please pick me!”. I just shake my head.

OM: What’s your next move as far as filmmaking?

April: I have a lot of written content that I’ve accumulated through the years. I plan to put all of that into fruition. It’s a shame to leave my features and ideas to collect dust. After I release my documentaries, I plan to churn out another round of meaningful content. I want to revolutionize filmmaking. I want to spew out the truth through my craft. I want to connect to others that have gone through the same experiences as me. Filmmaking is so cathartic. I can’t see myself doing anything else. 

OM: Well we are just about finished with this interview. I would like to conclude this interview with an unconventional question. Do you have any reoccurring dreams? If so, what are they?

That’s funny (laughs) because what would you have said if I said I don’t have any? (Laughs).

Well, I have quite a few. But the only reoccurring dream that I consider significant is the one of me surrounded by butterflies on top of a watchtower. Sometimes there are no butterflies. But I’m always on some watchtower of some kind. I don’t know what that means, I’ve never been on top of one.

OM: Thank you April.